Vartan Christopher Simonian

Software Developer and Composer based in Orange County, California


Software development has been on Vartan's mind ever since they were a kid growing up with an old PC running Windows 3.11 and Windows 95. Through humble beginnings experimenting with Visual Basic at the age of 7, they delved deeper into the world of software, and by the time they were in their early teens, began to work as a consultant for various local small businesses.

Though Vartan started as a Microsoft developer primarily working with C# and ASP .NET, they have since embraced other platforms and tools, such as Node.js, Docker, and others, and are currently learning Rust.

Nowadays, Vartan is busy with the Unity game engine when not at work, and is an occassional contributor to open source projects online.


Vartan is an award-winning pianist, composer, and musical storyteller based in Irvine. Born in Mission Viejo, they began playing the piano at the age of five. Just two years later, Vartan was starting to compose music.

Throughout their musical career, Vartan has received extensive acclaim for their creative achievements, including the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award in 2006 for Conifera, awards from the Russian Music Competition in 2005 and 2006, and most recently 1st place in the 2016 IVC Composition Contest for With Force.

Vartan has also worked on several animation projects for CSULA in 2008 and 2009, and has worked on numerous freelance projects as a consultant and producer.